Student Behaviour Code

College Hall is a safe place where all young people can become resilient, independent learners who are prepared and eager to become valuable members of the world beyond the school.

Students agree to the following in respect of their behaviour:

  • To hand in mobile phones in at the start of the day and after lunchtime
  • To be on time to all lessons and stay in lessons until the staff say that it is time to go
  • To complete all work set in lessons
  • To speak respectfully to all staff and students and use appropriate language
  • To accept staff decisions without arguing or trying to bargain.
  • To leave the classroom if asked and go to the on call room and make appropriate agreements
  • To comply with staff decisions about music in lessons
  • To behave appropriately in front of visitors in school
  • To hand in all smoking materials at the start of the school day
  • Not to playfight, wind up other students or show bullying behaviour
  • Not to make personal comments to others
  • Not to make any racist, homophobic or other discriminatory comments
  • Not to call people names, verbally abuse or make threats to staff or pupils
  • Not to bring drugs or alcohol onto the school site
  • Not to throw anything in the classroom or elsewhere in the school
  • Not to take staff belongings or school property or damage school property
  • Not to access inappropriate websites including games websites
  • Not to hang around in the reception area before school, in between lessons or at lunch time
  • Not to truant from lessons or the school site.