Referring a student to College Hall


Eligibility criteria for referral to College Hall for pupils with SEMH

To qualify for a referral to College Hall for SEMH needs a pupil must satisfy one of the following criteria:

  • Permanently excluded from a school
  • Pupil requires a managed move to prevent a permanent exclusion
  • Pupils permanently excluded from, or awaiting placement in SEMH special schools
  • A place at College Hall is dependent on the referral by the school being supported by the Fair Access Panel or the Special Educational Needs Team.

Eligibility criteria for referral to the Cottage for pupils with medical conditions

To qualify for a referral to the cottage for medical reasons (including mental health conditions) a pupil must satisfy all the following criteria:

  • Expected to be absent from school for at least 15 school days
  • The pupil must live within the Bracknell Forest area
  • The pupil must be of compulsory school age
  • A written recommendation must be obtained from a hospital consultant, senior clinical medical officer or specialist medical team stating that the child is unable to attend school and that small group education outside of a mainstream environment is appropriate.

Our Admissions Policy is available here

We are party to the Bracknell Forest Fair Access Protocol for Vulnerable or Hard to Place Pupils and the Managed Move Protocol. The latter includes the Local Authority process for allocating places at College Hall.

Please contact us direct to enquire about places for students from other areas.