Our values and ethos

We encourage all young people to achieve their potential, to value themselves and others and to become responsible members of the community. Our aim is to develop students academically, vocationally, socially and emotionally.

Our school community is distinguished by the quality of care extended to all its members: we create a welcoming and safe environment. Our ethos is built on the promotion of mutual respect and responsibility. Teaching and learning about equality and diversity are central to our values. We have a commitment to pupil achievement, raising standards, effective teaching and learning, and good relationships.

We promote the acquisition of personal and social skills so that young people can access the curriculum and work to the best of their ability. Our students are encouraged to negotiate, make decisions, take responsibility and to be aware of the consequences of their actions.

Students are encouraged to have an understanding and respect for others. We welcome young people whatever their background and promote a sense of belonging.

We attach a very high priority to establishing strong links between home and school. In addition, we work closely with other agencies to improve outcomes for our young people.