Management Committee

The Management Committee of College Hall comprises 12 members in total. The composition is set out in the Instrument of Government which can be found here.

The Headteacher is an ex-officio member of the Management Committee. The Staff Member is appointed by the staff at College Hall. Community Members are appointed by the Management Committee itself. The Local Authority nominates LA Members of the Management Committee.

We currently have vacancies for Community Members of the Management Committee. If you are interested in actively supporting the work of College Hall to achieve our Vision and Mission please contact the Clerk to the Management Committee, Rachel Moss - 

The full Management Committee currently meets on a monthly basis.

The Clerk to the Management Committee is Rachel Moss, 

Contact with any member of the Management Committee can be made through Rachel, and she can also provide further details about the work of the Committee.


Name Membership
Marion Bent  Ex-Officio

Headteacher at College Hall

Ruby Cooper

Staff Member
22/05/23 - 21/05/27
Teacher at College Hall
Audrey Johnson

Local Authority Appointed

30/09/23 -29/09/27

Assistant Director Early Help & Communities - Bracknell Forest Council


Harry James

Community Member

20/10/22 - 19/10/26

Chair, Board of Trustees - The Auriga Academy Trust.


Chair of Management Committee

Member with responsibility of Safeguarding and Health & Safety

Nicky Probert Parent Member
29/09/20 - 28/09/24



Local Authority appointed member



Justin Southwood

Community Member

10/12/22 - 09/12/26

Assistant Headteacher - Sandhurst School

Member with responsibility for Curriculum, Teaching& Learning, Quality of Education and Careers

Laura Phillips

Community Member

10/12/22 - 09/12/26

Vice Principal -

Kings Academy, Binfield

Member with responsibility for Staff Wellbeing

Gilli Powell Community Member 07/02/23-06/02/27

Vice Principal -

Garth Hill College

Member with responsibility for PPG 

Helen Starr

Community Member 07/02/23-06/02/27

Assistant Head Teacher-

Ranelagh School


Claire O'Brien Community Member 07/02/23-06/02/27

Assistant Head Teacher-

Kings Academy, Easthampstead Park

Member with responsibility for Behaviour and Attitude

Hannah Whitaker Community Member

Deputy Headteacher - Student Welfare and Inclusion 

Brakenhale School


VACANCY Community Member



Registered business interests of members of the Management Committee are found here and for former members here.
Attendance at meetings of the Management Committee and it's sub-committees for the previous school year is found here.
The Management Committee Code of Conduct can be found here.