Key Stage 4

 Key Stage 4 (Years 10-11) Curriculum Offer

English - Leanne Burling -
All pupils work towards the Cambridge iGCSE (0990) English Language. Most students will complete the coursework pathway. Meaning they will only need to sit one reading exam in the Summer term of year 11.
Lessons are interactive and even those that are focussed on developing the coursework writing skills should include reading and exam style questions to ensure that students are fully equipped to complete the paper.
There are three pieces of coursework to complete.

1. Assesses reading of non fiction and writing to persuade.

2. Assesses descriptive writing.

3. Assesses narrative writing.

Assessment is ongoing, with a formal assessment at the end of each term which. Course-work assignments will also be included as formal assessments and will help to give an indication of progress and predicted grades.

Mathematics - Ben Armstead -
The purpose of the maths curriculum at KS4 is to give learners the chance to achieve the best possible qualification. We meet students where they are, with the clear goal of being ambitious when accessing Maths GCSE. For the current GCSE course, pupils are assessed on their skills, knowledge, and understanding in relation to numbers, algebra, geometry, measurement and statistics. The aim of the course is to enable pupils to:
• develop knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematical methods and concepts
• acquire and use problem-solving strategies
• select and apply mathematical techniques and methods in everyday, real world situations
• reason mathematically, make deductions and inferences, and draw conclusions
• interpret and communicate mathematical information in a variety of forms appropriate to the information and context.
At the end of Year 11, pupils will take their Maths GCSE at either Foundation or Higher level. This consists of three papers, the first taken without the use of a calculator.

Science - Pip Holbrough -
At Key Stage 4, we follow the AQA Science Synergy course, which continues learning in all three scientific disciplines.  This is typically taught to Foundation level, but there is the opportunity to study Higher if appropriate.  The course results in students receiving two GCSE qualifications for their work. 

Preparation for Adulthood (PFA) - Sarah Webb - 
The KS4 ‘Preparation for adulthood’ curriculum focuses on preparing and equipping students with the necessary life skills and experiences of work. Functional English, Numeracy and ICT skills are embedded throughout the curriculum and delivered through a variety of teaching ad learning methods. The core elements of Self Development; Employability Skills; The job Application Process; Independent Living; Learning to be Financially capable and Lifelong Learning are delivered through a 1 year vocational based programme to promote student’s Confidence, Resilience and Independence.