We offer personalised teaching and learning programmes which allow pupils to achieve academically and socially and which:

  • Promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, social and physical development of pupils
  • Prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life
  • Challenge pupils to achieve the highest standards, taking account of ability and aptitude
  • Ensure pupils access to work related learning opportunities and promote employability
  • Promote equality of opportunity, develop an understanding of and respect for the rights and views of others and emphasise the value of personal relationships based on mutual respect
  • Work in partnership with parents/carers and various agencies, leading to an appreciation of the value of cooperative development

Upon entry to College Hall, students take baseline assessments, allowing us to produce professionally predicted target grades, as well as identifying current levels of attainment. Throughout the year, pupils are assessed after the completion of each unit, so that any gaps in their knowledge may be addressed. We hold mock examinations to prepare pupils for their final exams, and to give an indication of their level of attainment. 

College Hall Curriculum

Our curriculum offer is tailored to meet the needs of the young people who attend.  All of our pupils face a range of barriers to learning and the curriculum offer is created to remove as many of these as possible.

The curriculum is designed to ensure that our pupils gain appropriate qualifications which allow them to access destinations such as college, work or apprenticeships. It is also created to ensure that we can offer personalised pathways for pupils with the most complex needs.

General principles

  • Young people have the entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum offer
  • All young people have the opportunity to achieve a range of GCSE's or equivalent
  • All young people have the opportunity to leave with a recognised English and maths qualification
  • All young people who attend benefit from opportunities to develop their character skills   
  • Supporting the pupils’ ability to regulate their emotions and manage their behaviour independently is a key focus of all of our work with pupils .

For more information on our curriculum contact the relevant subject lead.

On entry into the school, baseline assessments are administered and progress is closely tracked from this starting point. If young people are not making expected progress, intervention plans will be created to ensure that the young person can get back on track. 

Subject Lead Staff

English - Leanne Burling -
Mathematics - Ben Armstead -
Science - Pip Holbrough -
Preparation for Adulthood (PFA) - Sarah Webb - 
RSHE - Becci Freeman -
Catering - Darren Carroll -
Humanities - Ruby Cooper - 

The current curriculum offer is as follows:-

Qualifications on Offer

Exam Board



English – at appropriate level



English - First Language


GCSE 9-1

English Language
English Literature

Maths – at appropriate level


GCSE 9-1


Science – at appropriate level


GCSE 9-1 Double Award

Combined Science: Synergy




Personal Growth and Wellbeing

Additional subject offer 






Animal Care




Individual Learning Programme

For some pupils, accessing our school site can be challenging. This may be due to medical needs, anxiety, mental health concerns or where accessing the school site is so overwhelming it causes the pupil real challenges. At this point we may choose to offer the young person an Individual Learning Programme, which includes intensive 1:1 or small group teaching as well as alternative provision.