Admissions for pupils with disabilities

 Our admission arrangements for pupils with disabilities

We believe that all students are entitled to have access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, which is differentiated to meet individual needs. Within its aims, College Hall is committed to equal opportunities, with students being encouraged and enabled to achieve their full potential, whatever their academic or physical ability.

We aim to ensure that pupils get the support they need. Our admission arrangements support this by ensuring that:

  • Placement in the Pupil Referral Unit should not normally be considered for pupils likely to be placed in a special school
  • A PRU will not be named in a statement of special educational needs as an alternative to placement in a special school.

For pupils who have an EHCP or are at risk of exclusion: a review with EP involvement should be held before referring. If the review recommends pupil referral service provision, the completed referral form and supporting papers must be sent to the appropriate SEN Case Officer. They will then be forwarded by SEN panel for consideration

The steps we have taken to prevent pupils with disabilities from being treated less favourably than other pupils

Our school ethos and values mean that we always challenge prejudice when expressed through discriminatory language, attitudes or behaviour. Incidents are rare but when they do occur we use them as a learning opportunity whilst not precluding disciplinary action if necessary.

We have clear policies relating to bullying and harassment, with appropriate monitoring and reporting arrangements to our Management Committee and the Local Authority. With respect to our staff, we adopt best practice in recruitment procedures and monitor these carefully along with procedures relating to promotion, pay and training.

The Student behaviour code helps ensure our young people are encouraged to value and appreciate one another irrespective of race, gender, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation and age.

At College Hall, we believe that true equality means ‘treating people differently’. For us, treating people differently is the best way of ensuring equality of opportunity. It does not mean that one person gets special treatment at the expense of another but it is about ensuring that each individual is given a fair chance to achieve his or her potential and barriers to doing this are removed. It means treating everyone equally on their merits and not treating anyone unfairly because of their difference.

  • We value all of our pupils and students, and other members of the school and wider community equally regardless of their specific characteristics.
  • We believe that diversity is an asset and we recognise, respect and value difference.
  • We take difference into account and seek to remove barriers that it may present.
  • We foster positive attitudes and relationships between groups and communities different from each other
  • We encourage a shared sense of cohesion and belonging within the school and the wider community
  • We ensure good equalities practices for our staff
  • We have the highest expectations for our pupils and students, working to raise standards for all and taking particular care of the needs of the most vulnerable.

The facilities we provide to help pupils with disabilities to access the school

The buildings are situated in open grounds with a slight grassed slope to the rear with all open areas accessible to wheel chair users. However, some wheel chair users may find difficulty in negotiating the gravel path along the rear of the main building. All entrances to the main building are accessible to wheel chairs users. The main building has two floors with a lift to the upper floor. There is a slight corridor gradient on the upper floor, however handrails are provided for additional support if required. There are accessible toilets on the ground floor in the main building. The upper floor to the cottage is not accessible to wheel chair users and has no accessible toilet facilities

Our pupils have equal access to a broad and balanced curriculum, and we actively seek to remove barriers to participation: we are continuously addressing issues relating to the physical environment of our school. We use a range of teaching strategies to ensure that we meet the needs of all of our pupils.